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The Good Stuff is a place where Good Housekeeping editors share the things they love. They say that having the right tool makes any job easier and that goes for cleaning, too.

Designed for various surfaces and rooms, each microfiber cloth in the assortment cleans without harsh chemicals. Use them dry to dust or moisten with water for even more powerful cleaning.

I’m pretty sure my 10-year-old Golden Retriever’s entire goal in life is to shed as much of her long hair as possible. If she can do it in such a way that she can create a forceful breeze with her tail

My earliest memories of a packed lunch come courtesy of a precocious badger who was a very picky eater. In the classic 1960 children’s book

Our editors have independently selected the items featured in this article because we think they’re worth knowing about.

I’d always been skeptical of silicone baking molds. First of all, I don’t usually love a specialty kitchen tool—and I especially don’t love a
Few baking mistakes are as annoying as realizing that you forgot to grease your pan before pouring in your batter and putting it in the oven.

Oh, the baking! For parties, it’s often best to make small bites to serve as hors d’oeuvres and desserts. Silpat, the French company that
Just like the Kardashians, we’re leaving drama and stress in 2018 and going full zen in 2019 — or at least we’re trying to.
Though startups like Made In are making headway against traditional kitchen brands, there are some decades-old names that home cooks may never let go of.
Perfect for your friend who hosts the epic Super Bowl party is this Casabella Guac-Lock Container ($16). Because as Casabella says, life’s too short for brown guac.
Let’s be real: Sweeping your hardwood floors isn’t the most pleasant chore. Between pet hair tumbleweeds and tiny particles that never seem to fully go away,

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