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Media Relations
Coaction Public Relations designs and implements results-driven public relations campaigns that are carefully tailored to each of our clients. We capitalize on a mix of traditional and non-traditional media coverage in order to clearly and effectively communicate our clients’ messages and garner a range of local, regional and national exposure.
Influencer Programs
We’re aware of the impact and role influencers increasingly play in a successful communications program. Through careful research and a robust understanding of our clients’ business, we carefully select the right personalities (be it a foodie, cleaning expert, or mommy blogger) to best execute our influencer marketing campaigns. We have a results-first approach and our goal is to build a measurable program, that delivers meaningful content and provides tracking and analytics for the campaign to ensure we make a true impact and meet the client’s goals.
Integrated Marketing Initiatives
We strategically combine all aspects of digital marketing, social media, influencer strategies and traditional public relations practices to create an integrated approach with maximum reach.
Strategic Partnerships
We know a great partnership can help a product or service achieve incomparable results. From chefs, authors, food groups and more, here at Coaction Public Relations, we’re always thinking about ways to make a vast impact across as many platforms as possible. We are proactive and reactive in finding like-minded brands that share a brand ethos and target market to collaborate with our clients, so they can reach a wider audience and create something newsworthy.
Special Event Development & Execution
Special events can be an effective tool in a PR and marketing campaign and serve as a great way to further convey our clients’ messages and build relationships with the people they are trying to reach. At Coaction PR we carefully curate the most impactful and cost-effective plans, and bring in appropriate partners when creating a special event for our clients. We ensure each event has a strong message and delivers the right audience in the right venue.
Short-Term Special Projects
Whether it be a product launch, company milestone or one-time need – we can execute short-term projects with the same passion and dedication that we bring to all of our initiatives. Reach out to learn more about how we can help
Trade Media Relations and Trade Show Support
Trade coverage reaches targeted B2B audiences faster than a consumer story might. We maintain strong relationships with trade media and help with timely trade coverage to coincide with industry-related events and breaking news. Trade shows continue to be a viable avenue for meeting customers up close and personal. At Coaction we support our clients by providing pre-show and on-site support to boost media attendance in their booth. One-on-one interaction with the media during the show enhances relationships between the media and the brand.

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Coaction Public Relations is a full-service public relations agency based in New York City. Specializing in the housewares, home and lifestyle categories, we work intimately with each one of our clients to meet all their individual goals and let our passion for the industry show in our work.